Miss Foggerty’s Cake

This rollicking setting of the poem sets the scene and mood of people at the dinner table trying to cut into Miss Foggerty’s over-baked, very hard cake.  The text is very funny and the song is fun to rehearse and sing.  Contact us for copies. Voicing satb Accompaniment Piano accompaniment

Men on the Move

This medley of three popular songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s, “Dungaree Doll”, “See You in September” and “Glad All Over” is arranged for TBB voicing.  Great for your men’s chorus or ensemble.  Shawnee Press. Voicing TBB Accompaniment Piano

My Shadow

This wonderful poem by Robert Louis Stevenson recalls a child’s fascination with his own shadow. “He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head, and I see him jump before me when I jump into my bed.” Playful and light, this musical setting features tuneful melodies, occasional rounds, and straightforward two-part… Continue reading My Shadow

Musical Memories

1950’s rock and roll is alive and well in this clever tribute to those pop stylings we love to reminisce about – yet the piece is all original. The nostalgic opening (an optional solo) soon gives way to a driving beat that is fun to sing, easy to learn, and allows your choir an opportunity… Continue reading Musical Memories

Musical Games for the Musically Minded

This is a resource book appropriate for all music disciplines at all grade levels with an added section for vocal tone development.  Each activity is described in detail including appropriate grade level, materials needed, setup and length of time recommended for each game or project.  Over 150 additional variations of the 52 activities and frames are included… Continue reading Musical Games for the Musically Minded

Music Games That Teach Rhythm Reading Skills

Collection of activities for teaching rhythm reading.  Included are appendixes to copy for making flash cards, transparancies and reference charts.  Each activity is condensed on a separate card.  These cards are included at the back of the book and may be kept as needed on a music stand or other convenient place for use with… Continue reading Music Games That Teach Rhythm Reading Skills

Missa Brevis, Sanctus

The fourth movement of the Missa Brevis, Sanctus, is an expression of joy and exultation.  Fugal throughout, this setting moves quickly and is fun to sing. This choral can stand alone or in combination with other movement(s).  Published with a piano accompaniment, a score for strings and harp is available as a free download at… Continue reading Missa Brevis, Sanctus

Missa Brevis, Kyrie

This opening movement of the Missa Brevis, Kyrie, opens in duple meter as a duet in the treble voices.  The tenors and basses quietly enter to fill out the opening theme.  The music intensifies throughout the Christe eleison in triple meter.  The return of the opening Kyrie is enriched when alto, tenor and bass accompany the soprano… Continue reading Missa Brevis, Kyrie

Missa Brevis, Gloria

Pulsating rhythms drive this mixed meter setting through a series of exciting contrapuntal moments before arriving at a solo SATB quartet.  The choir then enters in a hymn-like section which evolves into a brief final fugue before coming to a close. This choral can stand alone or in combination with other movement(s).  Published with a piano… Continue reading Missa Brevis, Gloria

Missa Brevis, Credo

Credo, the third movement from Missa Brevis, is written for solo quartet and SATB choir.  In a lilting 6/8 meter, this setting passes between quartet, choir, women’s and men’s voices  through call and response, block, unison and four or more parts.  Imitative polyphony brings this to a grand three-fold fortissimo “Amen” ending.  This choral can… Continue reading Missa Brevis, Credo